Artist: Vaishali Dalvi


About :

I have always enjoyed working outdoors. Unlike studio limitation, it gave me the liberty to work on my own. Continuously working on this subject eventually made me realize that everything in existence, material or not, has its own content. Nothing is vacant not even vacuum; its emptiness is its content. It is the element. Which prevails within. Looking back I realize that I have always been working at places that are elevated from the ground level. This generates the view, which enables realize you to see and eventually realize every single thing, every element that prevails in front. My efforts have led me to realize the relationships of these elements with each other. They make a harmonious visual imagery and create the atmosphere, which converts vacuum into depth. For which I use the element of actual surface such as space, texture, form, color, and tonal intensities etc. so you can only see patches of colors structurally arranged, in a way that they create depth. While working try to hold together not only dominate things, but also those of undeniable and equal importance. The harmonious structural reality and the discipline in those relations play with the actual distance and the visual distance. Being genuine to this prevailing reality and its discipline is my effort till now. It simultaneously makes me recognize and analyze the norms between human-to-human relations. Every relation has its own distance to be maintained, space to be and shared. Being genuine to these norms is what gives that relation its real content and meaning. Denial of any norm disturbs the whole system. My upcoming efforts would be to explore conceptually, technically implement and improve various possibilities of medium and work size. I am likely be working on major sizes so that the fundamental nature of real space can be experienced and enjoyed.

Date of Creation

30th March 1982





Number of Exhibitions


Important Awards or Recognition :

Maharashtra State Award for best Painting Mumbai India 2018

Best women artist of the year award west zone Mumbai Prafulla Dhanukar foundation Mumbai India year 2017

Bombay Art Society Award Mumbai India 2009

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