Artist: Raman Adone


About :

Happening in everyday life keeps my mind busy. Persistent to reach subconscious, triggers to explore through any of the mediums conventional or nonconventional. At times very direct with an image or sometimes so very vulnerable to the non-representatives of any situation that image seems like sky clouding with enormous force or an volcano trying to escape out .most of the times subconscious image on my mind is very straight clear and obvious. As a narrative it build’s in making a socio political comment on today’s corporeal, but I yet deliberately try to go through the transparent sublime layer that floats on every mimetic subjective or social happening around. Making my mind lubricate through every event with greater efficiency, that forms having no form come to the seen. Absorbent like a sponge it takes maximum from around and tries juxtaposing the situations making them easy to be transformed in to visual text comprised in my work. This event could be any, fantasies or real occurrence. Changing forms influenced by numerous cultures lands and at times individual tendencies. Themes that instigate personal relations or convey want for ecological balance or Talks about global warming corruption and hypocrisy in society. Anything and very thing makes me work. Giving me balanced solaces with in and keeps me going. My focus is to penetrate into all that happens around and try and get in to environs that keep my mind working and probing as an artist.

Date of Creation

25th March 1980





Number of Exhibitions


Important Awards or Recognition :


Artist PrafullaDhnukar foundation award for best painting Mumbai India 2017

Gold medal Award for best painting Bombay Art Society Mumbai India – 2006.

Bombay art Society Award for outstanding entry year 2006

Lord Harding Award, Sir J.J. School of art Mumbai 2004 – 2005.

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