Artist: Laxman Shrestha


About :

It is an absolute prestige for any collector to own an abstract by Laxman Shrestha. A cut above his contemporaries, the artist in his journey of four decades has presented his solitary world of elusive art, which he says, is his truth. His abstracts have several layers of chaos, spirituality, peace and fierce emotions. The specific colors he uses capture the essence and display savage emotions present within himself and the viewer.

Date of Creation

18th October 1939





Number of Exhibitions


Important Awards or Recognition :

1978-79 Deutscher Akoclemischer Austcuschbienst 1D.A.A.D.}, West Germany.

1971 I.V.P. Grant by the U.S. Government to visit Baltimore and San Francisco

1970 British Council Grant to the Central School of Art and Craft, London

1966 Prix d’ Honneur, International Art Exchange Exhibition, New York

1964 French Government Scholarship to Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts and the Academie de la Grande Chaumiere, Paris

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