Artist: Gulwant Singh


About :

My art is given by God. I have been interest of art in my childhood so i studied in art & craft from Govt. Institute of Nabha Patiala and passed 1st level in state Punjab. Luckily, same time I got Govt.job as a Drawing Master In Education Department. During that I visited England for one year and did art work at many places. In my thoughts i am drawing portraits of important personalities in India and Out of India. i do work at home with different metrical and subject. I used oil color on leaves which got credit in UAE. My subjects beauty of nature, Theme and romantic. My different creativity is I did work on religious lines.

Date of Creation

5th May 1944





Number of Exhibitions


Important Awards or Recognition :

International Coverage In Arab Newspaper Al Bayan UAE 16 Nov 2020

Punjab Lalit Kala academy

International art exhibition Royal Central the Palm hotel Dubai UAE

Teacher Home Bathinda Punjab

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