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What is Painternet? is web portal where you can sell your art or your art collection to a global community of art lovers. Establish your identity nationally and internationally. will promote you and your art on multi-media platforms online and offline.

How to Start Sell on

1. Step 1

  • If you are Artist Create your free Account register in Artist Gallery
  • If you are Art Collector Create your free Account in Collector Den
  • If you are Antiques Collector any thing 50 years old collection like a camera, lock, fountain pen, book, lamp, lota, old photographs, medals, coins, stamps, toys etc antique look can be incash by creating your free Account in Treasure Hunt

2. Step 2

  • Login to your free account created
  • Upload your Artwork details including photograph of your artwork
  • After filling all relevant details hit submit.

3. Step 3

  • Wait for approval.
  • Once approved your Artwork will publish on for sell.

For Buyers