Artist Anil Naik

Maharashtra | India

Date of Birth : 15th April 1959
Age : 59
Country : India
Number of Exhibitions : 20
Important Awards or Recognition :

2002 : Bombay Art Society Committee Member

2002 : Jehangir Art Society Committee Member

2001, 1991 : State Award (M. S.)

2000 : "Chandrakant Mandre Award" Kolhapur

1991 : "1st Prize" in Bombay Art Society - Centenary Year

About Anil Naik

Anil naik is an alumnus of Sir j.j. School of art, wherein he stood first class first in Maharashtra state and was awarded the gold medal in 1981. He was awarded the fellowship in of art. Anil regularly has had individual shows all over India in many premier art galleries and won several awards and achievement that reflects his excellence in his work . His paintings are in the collection of the gallery of modern art museum(Delhi), Chandigarh museum and so many institutional and private collections in India and abroad.

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