Artist Ananta Mandal

Maharashtra | India

Date of Birth : 5th February 1983
Age : 36
Country : India
Number of Exhibitions : 101
Important Awards or Recognition :

2017 : Award - Northwest Watercolor Society, Washington, USA

2013 : First Place Award - Watercolor Art Society-Houston, USA

2012 : The Winsor & Newton Excellence Award - Northwest Watercolor Society, USA

2011 : Award - The Pennsylvania Watercolor Society, USA

2010 : Best of show Award - Western Federation of Watercolor Society, Utah, USA

About Ananta Mandal

I always paint impressionistic and surrealistic way. I feel a moment or visualize some idea and paint it so that, others can also feel the same. Art for me is pure form of emotion. I personally believe, whatever you feel, the mood and atmosphere, the inner mind starts developing that strongly into a painting. If you can feel the subject it becomes easier to paint. I don't levy any rules and regulations for my artworks. It happens many a times when I just follow my instinct, impulse which arouses me to paint. The painting captures my flowing life-energy through all those strokes and colors. It's like a meditation.

Art Gallery Painting by Ananta Mandal

Artist : Ananta Mandal
Style : realistic
Medium : Acrylic on canvas
Size : 36"W x 44"H

Wet Reflection

Rs. 272,650

Artist : Ananta Mandal
Style : realistic
Medium : Acrylic on canvas
Size : 60"W x 45"H

Kolkata Monsoon

Rs. 465,500

Artist : Ananta Mandal
Style : realistic
Medium : Water Color
Size : 30"W x 39"H

Old Kolkata

Rs. 219,450

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