as within, so without-9 | Painting by Manoj Paturkar

Figurative | Mix Media

Short Description :

What I paint is just a transcendental expansion of what I experience and perceive through reality. The paintings, thus, become the solidified and enhanced expressions of what I do witness in day to day life. A painting, as a visual, beholds an intrinsic virtue that yields more than one meaning or perception and serves different interpretations, empowering its depth and richness. Rather than copying the existing world as it is, the surreal approach makes it explore the internal and usually unseen spaces of reality. Dealing with shapes and forms, it is obvious to explore their inter-relationship in terms of forming a specific yet multi-faceted narration. Unbiased and choiceless observation makes one develop the sense of witnessing. Whole of my process of creation and the outcome as the painting stands for such a witnessing element in life. Finally a painting becomes an expression of the known unknown and knowable facts, constructing the known and the possible realities together. Sometimes they become mysterious statements having universal appeal. I do believe: The highest creation is the creation of total consciousness within. Within reflected becomes without. As within, so without. …as inside of you, so outside of you. A monologue within becomes a dialogue outside…a visual dialogue with the canvas! This deals with the different dimensions of the relationship between human being and nature as a physical and metaphysical reality as such. From the smallest microorganisms to the largest animals, all life on Earth has a common ancestor. Though consciously aware or not, we are deeply rooted in the cosmic reality. Everything is connected to everything. We, with Mother Nature, are one organic unity. But our rapid success as a species has began to affect this natural order. With our largely growing population we are playing a tremendous role in the disruption of Earth’s natural system. As we continue to grow and have a greater impact on Earth’s system, it is imperative that we address our role and relationship with nature. Being an artist, my concern here is to deepen this understanding that we do not exist as a separate entity; we do exist as part of nature like every other species. There is no replacement for Nature which we cannot exist without!

Title as within, so without-9
Date of Creation 28th September 2010
Artist Signature Place Bottom Right
Style Figurative
Medium Mix Media
Subjet Fine Art
Size 68"W x 76"H


Artist : Manoj Paturkar

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