Untitled 2 | Painting by Prakash Waghmare

Abstract | Oil on Canvas

Short Description :

When I paint.. I am just the mediator.. The creator is someone else..The creator is within and without me.. Some may call her mother nature.. The ultimate truth.. I feel him as Ishwar.. The omnipotent.. Rather nameless or more or less formless too.. These feelings are abstract.. The urge is abstract.. 1 may not smell him.. May not touch him.. May not see him.. May not hear him.. But I sense him.. He is the poetry in verses.. I sense him while painting.. I sense him in forms.. I sense him in colours.. He shapes and guides my painting.. For me painting is meditation.. It's an ecstasy.. I am only a witness to the ultimate abstract within me, which appears on canvas in the form of painting.

Title Untitled 2
Date of Creation 6th March 2018
Artist Signature Place Other
Style Abstract
Medium Oil on Canvas
Subjet Spiritual
Size 48"W x 72"H


Artist : Prakash Waghmare

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