Michael jackson | Painting by Manohar Rathod

Figurative | Acrylic on paper

Short Description :

The subject - matter or the content for my painting is my own experiences from day –to –day life. I think that the subject – matter for which any artist looks for, is rooted in his individual perception of life itself. For me, it is the perception of rural and urban life and……. Many a times, the fine combination of these two. Regarding my thoughts and concepts, the subjects for my canvases vary time to time. Many a times , the subjects are generated from the street scenes and human emotions involved in such scenes . I have always tried to paint a canvas the way I can write a statement. I believe that a painting can be a unique statement …….. And a scene is a statement in itself. Thus, for me, a scene becomes a painting. My expressions include human figures with definite expression , which are shown mostly in some action to specify the content. These human forms bring the main content with themselves. Sometime, I find it convenient to use little exaggerated expressions to intensify the total mood of the painting. As far as ‘background ‘textural formation’ are concerned, I consider them as the means of enhancing the totality of painting by making them vibrant. This plays an important role in holding and uniting the forms together in order to create a kind of breathing space all rounds. I think, when an artist paints a canvas, his own fascination about color is clearly seen ………. And the same is true with me. I ‘m for bright and festive colors. I do use high color contrast as part of the pictorial necessity. All in all, my canvases speak for themselves, making some unique statement ………….. But of course, reflecting the reality!

Title Michael jackson
Date of Creation 3rd January 2018
Artist Signature Place Other
Style Figurative
Medium Acrylic on paper
Subjet Human
Size 42"W x 52"H


Artist : Manohar Rathod

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