Cityscape | Painting by Kalipada Purkait

Figurative | Mix Media

Short Description :

I am fascinated by the daily realities of the masses-- the mundane details of the lives that are routinely overlooked, but which provide insight into the valiant struggles of the people who constitute the majority of Indian society. I am interested in art inculcating the joys and sorrows, triumphs and failures of these lives in the backdrop of modern India. While I initially used tools like charcoal, graphite and pen-and –ink to; make black-and-white images, I have gradually introduced color via crayons, pastels, and paint

Title Cityscape
Date of Creation 10th October 2018
Artist Signature Place Other
Style Figurative
Medium Mix Media
Subjet Landscape
Size 21"W x 28"H


Artist : Kalipada Purkait

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