Untitled -6 | Painting by Anup Sarma

Semi Realistic | Acrylic on canvas

Short Description :

Playing with colors has been a great love for me since early childhood. I like to roam about in my own world. Searching everyone through my paintings, searching their pain, feels their love. I always try to simplify the images which looms over my inner world by lines, colors and textures and give a live them. I used to draw black & white drawings. The black colors is my favorite because it has great depth in it and its ability to express the thought and feelings is infinite. In my painting I try to portray my express in life those humble moments when you miss your heartbeat for once. Those thrill, in a real and sometimes in abstract forms. I assess myself through my own paintings and drawings experiment with the sensitiveness of its line, its examining the significance of each character, single or multifaceted. There is neither story nor any narration in my paintings. Only the offline and fountains of colors textures and forms. There you will get the privileged to find my own picture molded to some of my own forms. I used my colors, textures, lines just as I choose, I feel. It is my delight, its my ecstasy. I try to present in a symbolic way the loneliness that is inherent in everybody fighting to make it free. My painting is my biography, my identity and inner perfection of my mind and soul. I always fine others map of mind in my art.

Title Untitled -6
Date of Creation 22nd September 2019
Artist Signature Place Bottom Left
Style Semi Realistic
Medium Acrylic on canvas
Subjet Dream
Size 39"W x 33"H


Artist : Anup Sarma

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