untitled -4 | Painting by Vipta Kapadia

Abstract | Oil on Canvas

Short Description :

Vipta's paintings all untitled emerge from her focus on absent power between human intellect and the acquired knowledge. Volatile representations of sofas and books indicate a converse aesthetic in the dialogues between people who presumably have just left. Their inner chaos and tearing mental distances acquire the spaces of silent interrogation in Vipta's paintings. Vipta is that distant observer of these dialogues who listens to the silence of the left behind objects- the sofas and the books. From within chaos within; and converse dialogues must emerge a pathway that leads one towards self-knowledge. In consequence, Vipta identifies the layered human struggle to comment upon 'ignorance' which the books propounding 'pure knowledge' may not yield. Vipta's consistent dictum to address non-violence is in her silence towards the world that speeded up towards high success termed as competition.

Title untitled -4
Date of Creation 6th February 2019
Artist Signature Place Other
Style Abstract
Medium Oil on Canvas
Subjet Fine Art
Size 30"W x 30"H


Artist : Vipta Kapadia

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